Asbestos Removal Hampshire

Asbestos Consultancy Ltd provides professional services to help commercial and private clients manage, test, dispose of, encapsulate and remove asbestos-containing materials. Having been established since 1992, our team of highly qualified technicians have extensive experience and can assist with both large commercial contracts and smaller private jobs. Our services include professional asbestos surveys and consultancy services to help you overcome asbestos problems within your property. To arrange surveys, disposal, encapsulation and asbestos removal in Hampshire, please get in touch for a fast response at competitive prices.

Asbestos Surveys

We provide asbestos surveys for both commercial and residential clients throughout Hampshire. Our qualified and licensed team have experience working in hospitals, factories, warehouses, schools and home; offering a range of surveys. These include management surveys, refurbishment/demolition surveys and re-inspection surveys. Reports are produced in good time and we can also offer expert advice and recommend the best course of action to manage, remove or encapsulate ACMs (asbestos-containing materials).

Asbestos Testing & Bulk Sample Analysis

If you suspect the presence of asbestos, we can provide asbestos testing and bulk sample analysis for clients throughout Hampshire. We use fully UKAS accredited laboratories and can have your results to you within 24 hours. To arrange asbestos testing, please get in touch for a fast response.

Asbestos Removal & Disposal

Our team can carefully remove asbestos from your property in line with strict HSE legislation. In addition, we are registered hazardous waste carriers and are therefore authorised to dispose of ACMs at licensed hazardous waste disposal facilities. Whether you need us to remove and dispose of your asbestos, or you just require an asbestos disposal service, call us to arrange a no-obligation quotation.

Asbestos Encapsulation Services

The presence of asbestos in your building does not always mean it must be removed. If the ACM is stable and at low risk of being disturbed, we may be able to provide asbestos encapsulation services. This will make your building safe without the need for asbestos removal. Initially, we will perform a survey and advise whether this is the best option for you. To speak to us about our asbestos encapsulation services in Hampshire, get in touch with the team.

Contact Asbestos Consultancy In Hampshire

If you require further information about our services or would like to arrange asbestos removal in Hampshire, then call us to discuss your needs. Our dedicated and experienced technicians can provide expert advice and guidance to help you deal with asbestos in your property.