Asbestos is extremely dangerous if ignored, but it’s more dangerous in certain forms than others. It’s important to identify which type you have and if there’s a risk of disturbing the dormant fibres. We provide asbestos removal and encapsulation services so you can live safely in your home or commercial property without worrying about exposure. Knowing the signs is half the battle.

The Physical Repercussions Of Asbestos

The health risks of this silicate mineral are well documented. It causes multiple lung cancers, including mesothelioma, which has a high mortality rate once diagnosed. Aside from your lungs, it can cause cancers in other parts of your body. These include your stomach, ovaries, kidneys and chest. However, the side effects of inhalation are not immediate, which is why it’s critical to avoid exposure as early as possible. It can also lead to asbestosis, which results in severe scarring of the lungs and a host of unpleasant long-term conditions, like shortness of breath. Other general symptoms of exposure include coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing and chest pain. Unfortunately, these are synonymous with a plethora of respiratory diseases. It’s critical to deduce if asbestos is the culprit as soon as possible.

Am I At Risk?

Thankfully, inhaling small amounts of asbestos over a short period of time is unlikely to cause irreparable damage. Instead, the risk is mostly with construction works and builders, who suffer high rates of exposure for an extended period of time. Otherwise, the length of exposure and the intensity of the fibres will influence the likelihood of infection. In terms of personal risk factors, you are at greater risk if you smoke or suffer from asthma and other chronic lung disorders. These can aggravate your condition and worsen the symptoms. This conversation is also relevant in the age of Covid-19, but the interactions have not been thoroughly explored. However, asbestos related conditions are likely to exacerbate the effects of any cold or flu that devastates the respiratory system.

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Avoiding Exposure To Asbestos

How can I avoid exposure? If you are a construction worker or in the industry, you must wear protective gear to stave off the risk of inhalation. If you are a home owner and suspect it’s in your home, contact a specialist to remove it or encapsulate it. It’s only a threat when the fibres are released into the air, so if you knowingly have products containing asbestos, they do no harm unless damaged or broken. This can release toxic fibres into the air. This is why construction workers are at the biggest risk. Dismantling a property with asbestos in its foundations will cause the silicate material to crumble and release the fibres. Knowing if asbestos was present in the construction of your property is the first step to avoiding exposure. This is especially true if your building predates the year 2000. 

Expert Asbestos Removal With The Asbestos Consultancy LTD

If you suspect you have asbestos in your property and aren’t sure of the next steps, contact us on 01202 402391 as soon as possible to speak to a qualified technician and arrange a consultation. We service Dorset and the surrounding areas, including Hampshire and Wiltshire. We take asbestos removal seriously and endeavour to make your residential and commercial properties safe from its hazardous effects.